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District of Columbia WardsInteractive Maps

The NeighborhoodInfo DC Map Library provides some of our most commonly requested maps as interactive tools. These maps are meant to supplement the data available in the neighborhood profiles. For more information about the geographies used in these maps and the neighborhood profiles, visit our neighborhood profile sources and notes page. All maps on this page contain spatial data provided by District of Columbia Geographic Information System (DC GIS).

Unless otherwise stated, these maps represent: Ward, Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) andPolice Service Area (PSA) boundaries updated in 2012; census tract boundaries in 2010; zip code boundaries in 2002; and neighborhood cluster boundaries in 2000.

Organizations, agencies, and individuals are permitted to use these maps so long as NeighborhoodInfo DC is provided as the source. Please contact with any questions about this page. Suggestions for additions to this maps page are also welcome.