Neighborhood Profiles

On this web site, you'll find data on D.C. neighborhoods and other geographic areas — data on population, race and ethnicity, income, poverty, employment, education, public assistance, single-parent families, low weight and teen births, income, housing, crime and more.

First, choose a geography within the District...
The District can be organized into many different geographies and, depending on the work you do, you'll want to look at data for different areas within the city. For information about where our data come from, visit our sources and notes page. Access downloadable data for each of the geographies below. Here are the geographic areas for which we provide data profiles:

City summary A summary profile for the entire city of Washington, D.C.
2012 Council Wards The 8 Council Wards are political areas used to elect members of the Council of the District of Columbia. These profiles are based on the current Ward definitions established in 2012.
2010 Census Tracts Census tracts are small geographic areas defined for collecting and reporting data for the decennial census. These tracts were used for the most recent 2010 census.
Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) are subdivisions of the District's Wards. Representatives from ANCs are elected to advise the District government on issues relating to zoning, social service programs, health, police protection, sanitation, and recreation.
Neighborhood Clusters There are 39 neighborhood clusters throughout the city, each made up of three to five neighborhoods. Neighborhood clusters are being used by the D.C. government for budgeting, planning, service delivery, and analysis purposes.
Police Service Areas (PSAs) Police Service Areas are the way the Metropolitan Police Department organizes its services within the city.
ZIP Codes The 28 major ZIP codes in the city.
2002 Council Wards These are older Ward definitions that were in effect between 2002 and 2011.
2000 Census Tracts Older Census Tracts defined for the 2000 census.

Page updated 4/3/2017. All profiles updated as of 3/31/2017.